Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hello World

We work hard to crack brazzers accounts every day and provid them to people for free.

The List is updated every day with 3-5 accounts ( Updated to 10-15 right now ), and they are ALWAYS working as we check them before we put them out.
Please read instruction bellow Before you download the accounts!

Free brazzers Account

Download Bellow Free Brazzers Accounts Updated Today 05/03/2013


Please read the instructions carefully.         
Proof pictures are on the site, if you feel unsure or confused, please check the proof section.
I don't know how to show you more proof than I do.
But if you think this is just another scam, contact support on email  and we'll show you live video or send you screenshots taken the same day.


Some of the accounts may be banned, but I can promise that at least five of them will work every day. Try them all, if none worked contact 

us on email and I will update the site with new accounts.

Use the accounts with good care, that means avoid getting them banned by following, liking or commenting any videos! 
Do not log out the accounts aswell, when they get banned you will automatically be logged out anyway, and logging out
will make it easier for brazzers staff to detect that hundreds of users from this site is logged in at the same time.